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But, Kyra Sedgwick Is Married To A Talking Bacon?

From the latest Twisted History podcast:

Actress Kyra Sedgwick is reportedly terrified of talking foods and can’t stand to watch any commercials or films that feature them. Her husband Kevin Bacon once revealed the true extent of her phobia in an interview with Jay Leno.

Apparently, Bacon once had to turn down a lucrative deal with M&M because he would have been forced to appear in an advert as a giant talking sweet. “I thought about it, and I said I can’t do that to my wife, because my marriage is more important,” he said. “I really think she would’ve left me.”

This what Bacon is up to now:

Other celebrities with Phobias:

Matthew McConaughey – Revolving Doors

Andy Roddick – Rabbits, the Easter Bunny, and once had to flee a hotel in Texas after they put on an Easter display with plenty of bunny mascots floating around.

Megan Fox – Dry Paper

Apparently she can’t stand to be around dry paper of any kind, including scripts and other materials. Anything sent to her for a film has to be laminated first so that she doesn’t have to touch it. She also revealed to talk show host Jimmy Fallon that she keeps a glass of water by her bed when she’s reading so that she doesn’t have to touch the pages. 

Alfred Hitchcock - Eggs

Strangely enough, the man behind some of the scariest movies in history battled with a fear of eggs. “I’m frightened of eggs, that white round thing without any holes …have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?”

Martin Freeman - Choking

Khloe Kardashian - Belly Buttons. “I hate belly buttons, You can’t touch mine and I don’t want to touch yours. When I’m in the shower, I wear hand mitts and I scream every time I wash my belly button, LOL!”

Johnny Depp - Fear of spiders and a fear of clowns.

Nicole Kidman - Butterflies

Kristen Stewart - Horses

Jennifer Aniston - Being Underwater

Billy Bob Thornton - Antique Furniture

Kylie Minogue - Clothes Hangers.

Katie Holmes - Agrizoophobia aka Raccoons

Channing Tatum - Porcelain Dolls

Nicki Minaj - Escalators

Orlando Bloom - Swinophobia aka Fear of Pigs  

Cameron Diaz - Door knobs? 

Oprah Winfrey - Chiclephobia, aka Fear of Chewing Gum. As a young girl, Winfrey’s grandmother would stick used balls of chewing gum in neat rows inside a cupboard. 

Tyra Banks - Delfiniphobia. Fear of Dolphins

This week will be incredibly sexy on Twisted History …Vibbs will be back, and we have former Playmate Crystal McCahill on to follow-up with one of our earlier podcasts: The Twisted History of Playboy Playmates.

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