Frank Kaminsky Explains The Only Way To Get A Chick Inside The NBA Bubble

Tough break for the NBA groupies out there. You heard it right from Frank Kaminsky's mouth - unless a chick is a skilled paratrooper who can drop in during the dead of night, do her dirt, and escape in the morning undetected, you aint getting inside the bubble.

Frank also cleared up some of the misconceptions - first off, the food. After the first few days of shitty airplane food, they are now eating at places like Del Friscos. Not too fucking shabby if you ask me. Also, once the playoffs begin and some people are heading home, that frees up some space for other people to live in the Bubble. So after a pretty short time guys will either go home to their loved ones, or the players remaining in the bubble get to bring their loved ones in. And "loved ones" can probably mean wives, children and family...or hoes they love to bang. Maybe even Ugly Anna will make an appearance

So honestly, the Bubble aint so bad. Frank says he plays ball and then Call of Duty all day. Eats Del Friscos steak. And in a few weeks, he'll see family. Lets relax.