Replay: 2020 Barstool Hot Dog Eating Contest presented by Twisted Tea and Dude Wipes

Before this spins out of control, we here at Barstool Sports would like to address the controversy in this video. We were way too close to each other.

Global pandemic aside, we can admit that it is perhaps grotesque to pack that many people together in a small room to shove hot dogs down their throats. Brandon F. Walker, PFT Commenter, Kayce Smith, John Feitelberg, and Kevin Francis Clancy were in all very tight quarters for the contest. This was probably particularly harsh on one person, and I think it’s obvious who: the lovely, beautiful, thirst-trapping queen — Brandon Walker.

Despite this video, Barstool does remain committed to social distancing, and we have taken every precaution to abide by these measures when possible. We could’ve done better here, and for that we apologize. We promise to be better the next time we do an office hot-dog eating contest. We have no further comment at this time.