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Barstool Outdoors S2 Episode 4: Not Your Grampa's Tampa

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Tampa Bay is known for a LOT of things... but I was in town to make a different kind of pole dance.  I'm talking about a fishing pole folks, and we sure did bend some rods during our stay.  This episode occurred from a spur of the moment call that ended up being very valuable!  My friends Capt. Krista and Mikey Finiguerra, who first appeared in the Montauk episode of Season 1, let me know they had some friends named "The Chads" who had been crushing it in Tampa.  They were having a problem with Sharks devouring their fish as they fought them to the boat and I had a solution that involved me catching the sharks for them.

We got ahold of some extremely strong Amberjacks, got obliterated by Goliath Groupers, and finally struck gold on some beautiful sharks.  

Capt. Chad Manning and Capt. Chad Hickman were very fun guys to fish with and they really knew how to put us on em.  If you are ever in Tampa you HAVE to give them a call and let it rip.  They will keep you entertained and keep your arms and back tired!!!