Mornin' Sunshine: Kate Is Totally OK And Everything Is Fine Seriously She's Fine

She's not OK, though. Something is wrong with this woman. 

I mean, listen, I know this blog has a video attached so people are going to watch that and nobody is going to read this blog, but I'm a little worried about Kate Barstool. And not in the sense of "Oh shit I can't believe they stuck me with this broad for my morning show idea" that I always feel. But since she hit the Jersey shore for a vacation that her dad begrudgingly paid for, I'm not sure everything is alright.

Just watch and figure it out for yourself.

On today's show, we talk:

  • Clem gets his dick chopped off.
  • Kate does a tourism video.
  • I smell terrible.

Thanks for watching and supporting Barstool's 37th best show that started during quarantine.


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