The Miller Lite Drinking, Field Goal Kicking, Orange Bike Helmet Phenomenon

If you saw it or you didnt, Theo Epstein knocked down a big field goal the other day. Some were calling it 50 yards. Other were saying it was weak sauce. Personally I just had to find out by dragging myself to the turf lots yesterday to size up my ambidextrous legs. Obviously (no spoilers) I fucking suck at kicking footballs but that won't stop anyone around here from having a good time. As everyone knows good leaders surround themselves with more talented people and that's exactly what we tried doing with the impromptu appearance from the DePaul men's soccer team. Theo has his computers and algorithms and little bitch boys. I have a couple thoroughbred division1 athletes on the speed dial. Call it a wash but don't call me sober. That was a great time. 

Thanks to Aaron and Jonny Mustache for coming out. Thanks to camera guy Matt for filming. Thanks to Wiener Circle and Jake Melnick for being nice people. And finally thank you to Mother Nature for giving us a good stretch here. Go get some sun on those shoulders boys. These days don't last.