DIY Goofin: Lets Do Some Electrical Work And Not Die!

My first little trip into the electrical world. Lemme just say, for folks who arent familiar with electric stuff, this is about as scary as it gets. Opening anything and seeing wires is like, "oh shit. Ive gone too far." This was a simple outdoor light but I felt like a million bucks when those LEDs started shinning bright. The thrill of the next project has taken hold of my blood and brain!

Also, I mention it on some but I wanna write it out here a little bit. Im experiencing what my doctor said could be the development of Parkinson's. I've had several brain injuries so I knew this day would come but I didnt expect it to be this soon. It's scary and I'm nervous but it is what it is. 

The other day I had a conversation with a person for 15 minutes. I didnt remember the conversation at all and refused to believe that I had it. I looked at my phone log and there it was. Now, normally I would have thought I was drunk or something even though I dont really drink anymore but this was at 10 in the morning. Oh well. These are the cards I'm dealt and I'm gonna play my hand until the last card is on the river, baby.