Welcome To 10 Questions. Episode 1: Joel Simkhai - Founder Of Grindr

Welcome to 10 Questions, a show where I interview LGBTQ celebrities/icons/athletes/business people/you-name-its twice a week for all of Pride month. It's something I've been working on for a while and I am super pumped to finally share with you guys. 

Huge shout out to Macy's for jumping on board and helping make it happen. They also work closely with The Trevor Project which is a very important organization for LGBTQ youth. You can check them out here.  

Today's episode is Joel Simkhai. He's the founder of arguably the most influential dating app (gay or straight) of all time- Grindr. It's tough to put into words how much this guy has shaped gay culture, but that's exactly what we tried to do in this episode. 

The format of this show will always be the same- we'll get to know our guest, then I'll ask them their 10 Questions. Hope you guys enjoy!