Barstool Rundown - June 1, 2020

The Rundown is Presented by Peter Millar

- The Rundown is brought to you by Peter Millar and their Crown Comfort Sweatshirt

- Peter Millar and Barstool have been making quality gear for the past few years with the Barstool Golf line and more.

- One of their new must haves is the Crown Comfort Sweatshirt - a perfect example of what PeterMillar is: comfortable clothing that is something we love to wear.

- With a simple appearance and a great fit, it's not too heavy and not too light but is still super comfortable.

- Wear it by itself or dress it up with a shirt or polo and it's perfect for every occasion.

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Death Wish Coffee

- In this seemingly never-ending lockdown the world is going through, it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when you’re supposed to be working from home.

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- Their dark roast blend that has double the amount of caffeine than your average cup of coffee

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- Death Wish Coffee is available in whole bean, ground, Death Cups, and cold brew

- Crack a can of cold brew with a smooth, strong taste that packs 300 mg of caffeine per can

- When you go to, you can enter to win a bike, Death Wish Cold brew, Barstool Sports merchandise, and an entire year’s worth of Death Wish Coffee.