Death Wish Pulled Pork | The Quarantine Cook

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For the Rub

-1/3 cup dark brown sugar

-1/4 cup salt

-1/4 cup garlic powder

-1/4 cup onion powder

-2 Tbsp black pepper

-2 Tbsp chili powder

-2 Tbsp ground coffee 

For the BBQ sauce

- 1/2 cup of rub mix from above

- 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar 

- Splash of coffee

- 3 Tbsp worcestershire sauce

- 1-1/2 cup(s) of ketchup 


- Combine all spices to make dry rub, reserve 1/2 cup to use later in sauce.

-Thoroughly rub pork butt with dry rub

-Place in roasting tray on top of apples, onion & garlic

-Cover with foil and roast for 6.5 hrs at 285 deg F (remove foil for last hour of cooking) 


- Add dry rub mix to pot and pour over vinegar & worcestershire sauce to cover

-Stir until sugar is dissolved (2-3 min)

-Pour mixture through coffee filter to remove and grinds

-Add ketchup and stir until thickened 

-Pour over pork and enjoy