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Smitty Made Me So Mad I (Allegedly) Renounced Religion During an MLB The Show Game

Every time I think I've developed an immunity to Smitty's antics, he kicks it up just a notch and finds new ways to push me over the edge. I honestly respect the commitment to the bit.

Well, on this particular day, he started off by orchestrating phone calls from everyone he's ever met and turned a 12:00 first pitch into a 12:30 start, before being the beneficiary of my first inning from hell. It was an awful start. But then, he somehow hit an 0-2 home run with Cory Kluber and I absolutely lost it. The same Kluber whose contact and power attributes are ZERO across the board.

If that is not proof that this game is broken, I don't know what is.

But I stand by what I said. If I get up to Heaven at the end of my life and Jesus doesn't have a bit of a sense of humor, that's not a place I want to spend eternity anyway. Smitty seems to forget he's lost to me far more often in The Show than he's beaten me, but I look forward to having the opportunity to put him back in his place very soon.

As for today, we'll be live from Verdansk playing WarZone so tune in and see what pops off between The General and myself.