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ANUS (Teaser): Stop Chasing The 3 P’s

Apparently, Troy got into some legal trouble so he wasn’t able to upload today’s podcast or edit the video for us. Frankly, good. Great, even! Troy is the epitome of a failure, and that’s what failures do. They fail. Legally, professionally, technologically, athletically, financially, sexually – no matter what it is, without fail, they always find a way to fail. In this episode (Episode 152), Nick and I sat down and discussed exactly what separates people like us from people like Troy.  

“Don’t try. Do. And do it successfully. Preferably on your first try.”

When we initially got the green light for ANUS from Loud Sean, we weren’t “beyond excited to announce” that we “did a thing” or some other cookie cutter bullshit like that to thousands of rabid followers on the edge of their seats. We simply podcasted. And after only one episode, we broke into the global top 200 charts in the Alternative Education category.

“It’s what we’ve always wanted to do.”

Nick and I aren’t successful podcasters because we idolized doctors or lawyers as little boys. We’re so successful in this industry because we idolized people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. The original podcasters. Remarkable public figures who used their voice and spoke for a liv-




00:00:00 - It’s amazing that we’re even in this position

00:00:06 - The 3 P’s 

00:00:13 - The funniest part

00:00:20 - Nick’s one word of advice 

00:00:33 - How hard it is 

00:00:54 - The boys flashback to 2003

00:01:00 - A wide receiver for the Giants

00:01:10 - A lesbian 

00:01:14 - Nick’s career goal 

00:01:29 - Self analyzing

00:01:44 - The original podcaster




Episode 151 (Teaser):

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