Answer The Internet Featuring The One And Only Rude Jude

Nick sent me the thumbnail and said "Do you think this is too aggressive?" So I conferred with John and said "is this too much?" John wrote back and said "Well in this episode Jude talks about how Hitler built the American Middle Class, so I think the idea of "aggressive" is out the window on this one." And thats exactly what you get when Jude Angelini steps up to the mic. Dude doesnt give a FUCK. Some dudes say that, but very few live it. Jude TRULY doesnt care, and that makes him one of the most intriguing cats in the game. 

"Jerkin off to dead people is fuckin cool." 

"I fuck a lot of porn chicks but I'm not tryna wife em. I dont want our kids to be jackin off and there you are, takin 12 dicks. Thats a bummer"