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Charles Oakley Says He Doesn't Feel Safe Returning To Madison Square Garden, Blames Patrick Ewing For Losing To The Bulls

The Oak Tree called into CCK today. Not the best connection, I'll admit.  But if you listen to what he's saying its some fascinating shit. For the better part of the last month or so, Oak has been calling out anybody and everybody, including his ex teammate Patrick Ewing and coach Pat Riley. Personally I dont think those comments were necessary, but if you listen to Oak Tree, all hes telling is the truth. All hes doing is answering questions he was asked. So, in that case what can you say? Breaks my heart as a Knicks fan to realize that 90s squad wasnt really a Band of Brothers but facts are facts I guess.

We also talked about his feud with James Dolan, and Oak says he aint returning to the Garden until its safe. Which is like me saying I'm not watching until the Knicks are good again - in both cases in means once Dolan is gone. Some interesting stuff from one of the all time truth tellers the game has ever seen. 


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