Pardon My Take Trivia Showdown As Big Cat, Rone & Joey Take On PFT & Brandon Walker (The Dozen: Episode 007)

STATEMENT: The M&M's question was poorly worded, I should have asked for the name they call the M&M, not the color. That's on me, I'll own up to it. 

Here were the questions used for the show today... answers at the bottom of the post!

REMINDER: Movie Trivia Episode #3 will be live on our Twitter page at 8PM EST tonight (Tuesday, May 12th).

- - - SPOILERS - - -


Here are the first six episodes if you want to binge and catch up on 'The Dozen'...

Another tough showing for Brandon & PFT, despite the controversy. Momentum killer, or not, they were never really in this afer the halfway mark. The 11-7 loss for PFT & Brandon moves them to 3-3 overall and down in the total question count by a score of 49 to 60 in favor of their opponents.

NEXT UP: The Chicago guys White Sox Dave, Carl, & Chief will be the next opponents for Brandon and PFT. Tune in on Thursday, May 14th at 11|10c in the morning for the next episode...


See you on Thursday!