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College Football Analyst Dan Orlovsky Loves The Coach Duggs Hire At Texas Tech

College football expert and analyst joined Cliff Calhoun to offer some of his thoughts on the Red Raiders going full Air Raid with Coach Duggs coming to town. 

"This could be the greatest hire in the history of college football," Orlovsky told Calhoun. "It's that big of a deal."

It will be an interesting transition for Red Raider faithful going from the chic handsomeness of Kliff Kingsbury just over a year ago to the girth that is Coach Duggs, but it's one that Orlovsky said should be welcomed.

"I think Texas Tech should be happy that Coach Duggs wants to be more than a pretty face. He wants to be a big time ball coach."

Duggs makes his debut as the head man at Texas Tech with revenge on his mind tonight against UCLA.