Answer The Internet Featuring Lisa Ann - Which NBA Player Has The Biggest Dick Lisa Has Ever Seen?


We were talking about naked 1-on-1 basketball and Lisa Ann tossed out an answer we are already familiar with. Andrew Schulz said the same thing. Any time we've talked about NBA ball players dicks, this guy is at the top. He is...The One, like the Jet Li flick. Like Penny Hardaway's number. Like the piece that's on Nelly's chain.

You'd expect Rodman. You've heard the tales of his thrice broken penis. But, nope. And, yes, you've heard tales of Patrick Ewing taping his penis to the side of leg. These stories could all be true....but apparently they are fighting for second place. 

PS - Lisa is turning FORTY EIGHT (48) next week!! Thats incredible. She looks fantastic for her age. Half a century in the books and still looking better than some of the other young bucks in the game.