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Pantry Pasta Carbonara | The Quarantine Cook

I didn't have all the ingredients for a traditional carbonara so I went with what I had in my pantry. 


-Pasta (Spaghetti or Linguine) 


-Parmesan Cheese 



-Dice up bacon

-Bring water to a boil & put in pasta (Spaghetti will take around 8 mins)  

-Place a pan on medium-high heat then add bacon to pan while still cold (the gradual heating of the pan will begin to slowly render out the fat of the bacon)

-While bacon is rendering grate 1/3 cup of parmesan cheese into a bowl with egg

-Beat until combined

- Once pasta is done cooking & bacon is crispy use tongs to transfer pasta to pan 

-Ladle in around 1/2 cup of pasta water 

-Take the pan off the heat and pour in egg mixture 

-Stir with fervor to emulsify sauce