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Barstool Rundown - April 30, 2020

The Rundown is Presented by Cuts Clothing

The t-shirt is a menswear staple. It’s long been plagued by horrible conditions but Cuts Clothing has completely changed the game.

Their t-shirt has enough quality, comfort and style to wear in the office, on a date, or anywhere in between.

It's the Steve Jobs advantage - stop spending so much time and energy picking out clothes in the morning. Throw on a Cuts shirt, some pants, and get on with your day. You’ll be ready for anything.

Shop by Cut.
○ Choose your collar – Crew, V-neck, or Henley.
○ Choose your Cut – elongated, split-hem, or the classic curve-hem.
○ A great mix of long sleeve, short sleeve, collars, Cuts, and colors will have you ready for any situation.

Loved by your favorite athletes, entrepreneurs, and Barstool employees – it seems like everyone is wearing Cuts these days.

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