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Morning Sunshine: Happy News Just For You From Barstool's Most Delightful Duo

I'm gonna level with you, our general sloppiness in this one is about 10x the usual and it's not an act. Brandon was on the verge of a migraine and my eyeballs have gone haywire again and neither of us has any idea if this episode works or not but.... ahahahahah Got ya! 

Everything is fiiiiine as wine and dandy as candy and we're excited to bring you the news (and good vibes!) this morning as you start your week! 

On today's show:

-Mush Madness

-Randolph goes rogue

-Advice for Kristin Cavallari after announcing her impending divorce from Jay Cutler


Love you, happy Monday, and remember to keep on swimmin'. Here's the other episodes if you need more of a boost: