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Get To Know The Barstool Moms - The Most Touching, Heartfelt Piece of Content You'll See Today #CallYourMom

This is one of the most heart warming, touching pieces of Barstool content you will ever see. No exaggeration. The Mother's of Barstool are the unsung heroes of this whole operation. You think my mom wanted to pay for my MBA to watch my flush all the education and money down the toilet to turn into a smut peddler? For sure not. You think she likes me talking about porn stars and making dick jokes for a living? I bet not. But shes always just wanted me to be happy. Now, I mean, of course I'm not happy because shes also the asshole who cursed me with being a Mets fan, but shes supported me more than any other person in my life and I'd imagine a lot of the bloggers here can say the same thing. Shes the reason I have the sense of humor I have, the smarts I have, the skills I have, the family I have. The list goes on and on. 

And I'm sure I speak for a lot of the other bloggers when I say that. Ellyn Carrabis listens to her son every day talk about the most ungodly shit in the world. Linda Portnoy has supported Davey from literally day 1, and I'm sure Renee's mom did too. And I'm sure a lot of this can be applied to everyone outside the Barstool world too. Your mom is your number 1. The one you can always turn to. So I'm here to remind you to CALL YOUR MOM. She's probably worried sick about you in this Quarantine. And unfortunately you should be worried about her too. Call your mom, get her a nice Mother's Day gift, and get the new Barstool Mother's Day gear to remind everyone else to call their mom too:


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