One Minute Man - Gigantic Babies, Georgia Is Going Bowling, Cuncel Da Kim Jong, And More

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America's favorite game where I, KFC, once again prove why I am the ONE...MINUTE...MAN! *Cue Missy music*

Ten topics (I think), one minute (allegedly) on the clock for a 10 minute segment that never lasts anywhere close to 10 minutes. Todays topics:

1) That gigantic viral "baby"

2) Will the Patriots get the same treatment as the Bulls are getting for "The Last Dance?"

3) Georgia BOWLING ALLEYS are going to reopen. Bowling alleys are DISGUSTING

4) Is Kim Jong Un dead?

5) Wheres Dennis Rodman?

6) Will J Lo and Arod save the Mets?

7) The Queen of England has 2 birthdays. GANGSTER. 

8) Barstool Graduation Day?

9) Teddy Riley vs Babyface on Versus...500,000 VIEWERS. 

10) Barstool Versus??