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Apparently It's Never Been 100 Degrees In Miami (???) And That's Just Preposterous

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

I'm not exactly sure what happened on yesterday's 'Morning Pick Me Up' with Marty and yours truly, but here are the highlights anyway. I still can't decide if he was high as shit from 4.20 or if he's actually lost it.

But the fact of the day that I still refuse to believe is true is that Miami has never reached 100 degrees!? What the fuck?! 

There was a nice little debate in the comments about this. I don't care what Wikipedia says, that just can NOT be true.

See yall on Friday! 

We're all stuck inside. You have your drunk thoughts. Your high thoughts. Your "get me the fuck out of here thoughts." So DM him on IG @martymush or Twitter @marty_mush and the best ones will make "A Morning Pick Me Up" every Monday and Friday live on IG @vivalastool at 11:30 ET.