Corona Conspiracy Hour, Episode 2 - COVID Originated In A Chinese Laboratory

What was laughed at by many just a few weeks ago seems to be true. What many were touting conspiracy theory nonsense grows more likely every day. What left wing lunatics wrote off as racism is simply fact - the corona virus pandemic is the result of sloppy scientific experiments in a Chinese laboratory. There’s no evidence to suggest it was MADE in a laboratory...yet. But plenty of evidence mounting up pointing to the Institute of Virology on Wuhan, China. A level 4 “super lab” where Chinese scientists were conducting experiments on infectious human diseases in order to prove they are as capable as American scientists when it comes to the study of disease and pandemics. Welp, for sure not. Turns out that was a big time cold take. Whether a bat escaped or a human was infected...whether it was an honest mistake or something more nefarious...the Corona Virus spread across our globe after shoddy work in a Chinese laboratory. 

Tune into episode 3 where I blame this whole thing on Tik Tok