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The Dadasaur Is My Legitimate Life Goal As A Father

Someone get this man a Dad of the Year coffee mug and t-shirt ASAP. That video just showed the exact man I hope to be to my children for the rest of my life. Not some provider that gives them a hug and cash whenever they need it. But the goofy son of a bitch who can lighten the mood and be unleashed on their mom at any given moment. 

If my kids ever gave each other this look of "I'm about to turn dad into a cake snorting dinosaur to piss off mom on a holiday", I could die a happy man.

I mean look at how this dad processed everything. Seeing his ears, eyes, and spirit perk up at the mere potential mention of the "Dadasaur" was something to behold.

As was the process of running it by the Mamasaur, who instantly tried to shoot it down.

However, it was at this instant this father ceased to be a man and instead said "I'm a Dadasaur. I'm 40!" 

Followed by an INSTANT change to the majestic creature of Dadasaur, who clearly has been cooped up in that shell of a suburban man for far too long.

What does the dadasaur do? He hunts. Easter cakes.

You know what my favorite part of this video was? Not the daughters sandbagging their mom or the dad absolutely destroying the Easter cake. But the mom begging for the dadasaur to go back in his cage clearly loving it all no matter what she said out loud.

Fucking legend. And my hero.