How Much Money For You To Streak At An NFL Game? Jo Koy Answers The Internet

Honestly, right now? If there was a live sports game of any sort to attend? I think we'd see a hundred streakers. I think people would be naked everywhere. Just one big fucking party with tits out and dicks swinging, everyone just thrilled to be back in the stands at a football game. But forget about that euphoria for a moment. Back in the real world. Run on the field naked. With your dick and balls floppin around, gonna get lit up by a security guard or 2, maybe spend the night in the drunk tank. Definitely get some sort of lifetime ban, have a court date for a misdemeanor. Its just a real motherfucker if we're being honest. 

So whats your number? I'm at $100,000. In my head. Ideally. But if you just opened a briefcase full of cash and dangled that in front of me, I'd probably go out there and do it and find out it was only like 45k in there. But its real different when the cash is in your face.

Whats your number?

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