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Introducing Bowling Alley Reviews: Fireside Bowl + 2-Handed Bowling Lesson

People are saying there's no sports and everything sucks. Well guess what. Here's a new two-handed bowling lesson that I took long before this quarantine started. I was hoping to run it back with more bowling alley reviews but turns out this might be the first and last installment of the beloved series until we get vaccinated. Kinda sucks because I have all these shitholes I want to review and then grab a random person to go bowling with and interview them while I dust their ass and we get loaded on pitchers of GTLF and pound cigs in the parking lot. Excuse me for finding that to be utterly delightful content.

Anyways, thanks to Jonah for teaching me the footwork. I've been practicing in my hallway on the hardwood just like we discussed. Pretty soon (not soon at all actually) it's going to be a pretty shitty time to be a 1-3 pin pocket on my watch. For now though I'm just going to keep drinking and remind you guys that I filmed this long before anyone told us we couldn't go bowling on a Tuesday afternoon. 

If you have a local alley loaded with character that I need to see, email me