Marty And I Invite You On a Coffee Date (To Talk About Bushes and Ice Cubes)

Introducing your bi-weekly coffee date with Martin J Mush and yours truly. 

If you know anything about me and Marty, you know he constantly breaks my brain. I still don't think I've ever recovered from the first time we were ever on air together by ourselves. 

LOL what a headline by me. My how things have changed. 

Anyway, there was a podcast in the works for a while that ended up getting put aside for other projects, but we decided to bring back the shit show for quarantine. If you cant watch it live for whatever reason, you can go back to the Viva story and rewatch it for 24 hours. Plus, we will also be blogging the highlights (as seen above). 

We'll be live on Viva La Stool's IG (+ our own personals) on Mondays and Fridays for 10-15 minutes. As of right now, we are planning on 11:30 ET morning "pick me ups", but you know how Barstool operates. That could change at any moment. BUT we'll for sure be back this Friday at 11:30. 

PS - Marty wants you to DM him (@martymush) your biggest complaint about quarantine life so we can discuss them together. So hit him up and let's ride.