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Rocket, Paper, Scissors: JD Martinez

The debut episode of my new video series Rocket, Paper, Scissors is here! I've got 40 episodes in the tank as of right now. We're going to be airing these daily Monday through Friday at 3pm with all of the biggest names in Major League Baseball. We've got a ton of active players, former players, broadcasters, etc. Every series is best of seven with a friendly wager on the line.

In my showdown with JD Martinez -- if he wins, I have to wear a JD Martinez jersey to every Red Sox game I go to. If I win, he has to wear a Stay Hot Rocket t-shirt at his locker after the first game that he homers. Some of the wagers range from this one to firstborn son naming rights, ass tattoos, dinners, costumes, changing of walk-up songs, batting stances, standing in the batting cage to get hit by a fastball, jumping into the Rays tank, wearing a superhero costume in Times Square, random dares and challenges. It's gonna be fun.

Just to give you a taste, some of the players that we have coming up: Christian Yelich, Alex Bregman, Nolan Arenado, Josh Donaldson, Andrew Benintendi, Max Muncy, Curt Schilling, Shane Bieber, Cole Tucker, Scott Kingery, Brock Holt, Jonny Gomes, Tyler Glasnow, Lucas Giolito, Amir Garrett, Bo Bichette, Max Fried, John Means, Kyle Freeland, Mike Yastrzemski, Casey Mize, Joe Kelly and a TON more.

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