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Answer The Internet Featuring Shane Gillis

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Shane Gillis. Comedy's bad boy. The SNL Renegade. The man who got hired and fired by Lorne Michaels in like 25 seconds. WHAT a year its been for Shane. What a LIFE its been. Watch this clip of Shane on Francis' podcast, its so fucking funny:

The D1 athlete, decorated veteran who is an SNL alum who never participated in any of those activities. Thats fucking GOLD. Thats some Mailtime Hall of Fame shit right there. But through all the controversy Shane endured one thing became very clear...he is one funny motherfucker. All it takes in this life for me to know you're legit is that you get the co-sign from Dan Soder. Once Soder likes you, you're automatically funny and I dont need to see anything further. But if you need any first hand proof of their funniness, look no further than Answer The Internet. You can tell immediately based on how honest, how comfortable, and how serious they are with the questions if they are funny or not. Naturally we stacked the deck with as many race related questions and Asian questions as we could, and Shane plowed through all of them like a ninja with a samurai sword. A fucking hysterical ep, coming right off the heels of Bert's monster episode of ASK The Internet that is gonna cruise right into the Million Views Club:

Also make sure you get your copy of this game, its the PERFECT way to pass the time in quarantine: