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Barstool Cribs: Quarantine Edition - KFC's Single Dad 3 Bedroom Apt

I live in the Penthouse of my building (Its the second floor of a 2 story building). I've got the 2 TV set up (one of them is broken). And I got the washer and dryer unit in my place (the dryer doesnt actually dry anything.) But I'm willing to put my snack pantry up against any other Barstool blogger at the company. I also think I'm the only blogger with four (4) published novels AND an indoor roller coaster. Truly living the glamorous life in Money Earnin Mount Vernon. This, is Barstool Cribs...KFC edition...

And next up I challenge those wackos KB and Nick. I gotta get behind the scenes of their ANUS. There's only one person weirder than these two dudes and thats the Chinese dude who ate the bat. I'm fascinated to see how this duo lives.