ATI Top 10: #10 Answer The Internet Featuring The Machine Bert Kreischer

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Bert motherfucking Kreischer. FINALLY. He's the one guy I knew we could get on Answer The Internet that just hadnt lined up with us schedule wise yet. So he was gracious enough to come in on a Saturday and absolutely demolished the podcast interview and this edition of ATI. For reference, a good episode of ATI is usually like 10 minutes. Sometimes if the guest is pressed for time and rush, we only get a handful of questions in and its like, 5 minutes long. Or maybe their publicist doesnt like the material so we can only get a few questions in and its a quick. On the flip side, good episodes are a solid 10 minutes, GREAT episodes are like 13. 

Well Bert came through with a 17:30 edition of ATI. There was just too much goddam material. The best guests are the ones who dont act like they are above the hypothetical questions game, so they take it seriously, but still manage to have fun with it. Which is really what Bert Kreischer, the man, is all about. He takes his job and his family very seriously, but he likes to have fun with life. Hes the real life Van Wilder. Hes the Machine. He's one of the best fucking comics on the planet earth and really just one of the nicest, most genuine, and gracious guests we've ever seen hit the hallways of Barstool Sports. Go watch his special right now on Netflix - Hey Big Boy. Guaranteed to be absolutely fucking hysterical. 

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