Corona Virus Is Like The Brooklyn Nets, And the Brooklyn Nets Are Like The Democratic Party

Corona Virus Hysteria has taken over the world. The Nets fired Kenny Atkinson out of nowhere. And Elizabeth Warren was on SNL. How do all those things relate together? Come take a stroll with me inside my brain. See if it all makes sense, and watch the moment of realization when I process how the KFC Mush is manifesting itself on a global scale. 

Gonna be posting these solo podcast clips from Mailtime on the KFC Radio Youtube Channel weekly. Whatever is going on in the news or whatever is on my brain each week, just me and the mic. Last week I talked about the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode with Larry David joking around about Jets fans killing themselves:

In addition to the Mailtime monologues, we'll be posting highlights from our best interviews and the best segments from the podcast. Last week we had Iliza talking about her sex scene with Mark Wahlberg in their new movie Spenser Confidential: 

And we got a voicemail about a chick who left her phone number and her thong after a one night stand:

A lot more to come on the KFC Radio youtube. Behind the Blog, other interview series, and a few other video products on the way, along with trying to ramping up clips and highlights from all our work at Barstool. 

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