Season 2 Of Answer The Internet Is A MONSTER - New Episode featuring Comedian Doug Smith Out Now

When ATI the card game dropped, we went on a media blitz and we were very in-your-face with the promotion. And once we know it was a big seller we kinda eased up on the constant barrage of ATI advertising. But we are now 15 episodes into Season 2 and we're already over 10 million views. 722,000 views per episode. We're gaining 22,000 subscribers a month. That puts ATI as the second largest Youtube channel, with only the official Barstool Sports account being above it, and the rate at which we are growing is the fastest channel under the umbrella. Sean Evans from Hot Ones was our most recent guest and we took a look at the success of his show and channel, and I felt like we were talking about numbers that felt absolutely unattainable. His success is so fucking admirable, it felt like something only other people on Youtube could achieve.

But as I'm sitting here talking about a show in its second season pushing an average of 1 million views per video, I'm starting to think by Season 8, 9, 10 etc, who knows. In the words of Kevin Garnett, anything is possiboooo. So I just wanted to thank anybody who watches and subscribes...anyone who bought the game and spreads ATI to their friends or the internet. We appreciate you and we want you to know its working. The format is succeeding, the guests keep getting better, the views keep going up, and we have big plans for expansion packs and apps and all sorts of new ATI stuff for the future. Shout out to anybody whos called or listened to KFC Radio, contributed questions, and engaged in all our hypothetical banter for the last decade. Heres to 10 more years with the ATI franchise hopefully sky rocketing to the next level.

And we have comedian Doug Smith to carry the torch this week on episode 16 of Season 2. Doug has one of the best This Is Not Happening stories you'll ever hear - the time he was STABBED IN THE FACE saving a girl from being assaulted in the New York City subway. WILD story, and a very funny and witty recollection of it from a great comic:

His ATI was just as funny, watch and enjoy. 

Also check Jimmy Carr's ep from last year, just around 90k more views until he hits the Million Views Club: