Hot Ones Meets Answer The Internet...We Put Sean Evans To The Test

So you heard of Hot Ones? You may or may not have heard some rumblings about this internet series. Its doing pretty decent. It features Sean Evans eating some chicken wings. ALONG WITH EVERY SINGLE TREMENDOUSLY FAMOUS PERSON ALIVE TO THE TUNE OF HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF VIEWS. Its insane. Hot Ones is the biggest series on the internet right now and I'm not so sure its even close. The guests Sean trots in there to burn their mouths off mid interview is staggering. From Margot Robbie and Halle Berry to Kevin Hart and Billie Eilish...from Stone Cold to Shaq to Paul Rudd to Gordon Ramsey...its an absolute juggernaut of a show. I give it 6 months before Obama is up in there burning his mouth off answering questions about the Oval Office and Bin Laden.

It a great concept. Disarm your guest with a fun but challenging task like a hot sauce/wing eating contest and get them to say stuff they ordinarily might keep close to the vest. Cute little idea, Sean. You and your buddy Chris must be so proud of yourselves. Well over here on Answer The Internet, we skip the buffalo wings and the scoville scale and we get you to answer weird deep questions by just fucking asking you. Dont need habanero peppers. Dont need a 10 wings challenge. We just straight up ask people if they'd rather fuck their mom or their dad. And you know what? People actually answer. For some reason it just fucking works. I dont know how or why but all of our guests degrade themselves to an absolutely deplorable level for no reason other than we asked them to.

So, congrats on the success of Hot Ones. Even more congrats are in order for you launching your new game show tonight (Hot Ones: The Game Show Tuesdays At 10 PM EST on truTV. 10 Episode Season) Once you get that game show host money we're talking BIG cash. Millennium duckets. But now lets cut to the chase and ask you about murder and porn stars and incest and all sorts of weird shit. Sean Evans Answers The Internet.

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