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College Professor Calls Cops On Student Who Refused To Change Seats During Class

I’m going to be a “cool” blogger here and side with the student. Why? Because the fact that that professor, a highly educated man, felt it was necessary to waste law enforcement’s time with such a ridiculous request makes him an L-7 weenie. A total square and someone who has no right to stand in front of a classroom and tell people what to do. Was the kid being a dick? Probably, but at the end of the day, if he’s sitting there minding his business, which judging by the reaction of the class he was, then leave. him. alone. Leave him right the fuck alone. Either kick him out or get on with the lesson. All you’re doing by escalating the situation is making yourself look like dick. The sad part is, it doesn’t matter what that professor’s reputation was before the incident, now he’ll forever be known as the teacher who called the cops. He could have a thirty year tenure and it doesn’t matter. His career as a respected educator is over.  If more details come out that prove me wrong then so be it, but I think I hit the nail the head.

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