Stool Scenes 243 - Mantis Brings A Date to HQ + Robbie in Vegas + BTS of PFT's XFL Tryout

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Very good episode we got on this Friday night. Jake, Rudy, Arya, Tom crushing as always.

-We start off with some behind the scenes of PFT’s attempt to become an XFL kicker. Check out PFT and Hank’s first video on PFT’s journey here. Shoutout to Henry for finally switching to the dark side and editing in Adobe Premiere.

-Mantis brings a date to the New Amsterdam bar in the middle of a Barstool Bets stream. Dave was not happy. Kid’s fingertips are probably nonexistent from swiping right so much so good for him for getting a date, but you gotta know DP wouldn’t be pleased.

-Robbie Fox and I have been in Vegas the past few days covering tomorrow’s McGregor vs. Cowboy Cerrone fight. Bob is super passionate about this sport and you can tell in this footage. He got the chance to ask Conor a question at media day, and as much as Robbie will say he sounded nervous asking the question, he sounded like an absolute pro. Don’t be fooled by my zillion beers memes, we are getting shit done out here (but theres always time for a zillion beers in Las Vegas).

– Stool Team 6 BTS. Shoutout Quigs. You are skinny.

-The Rocket brings in Trevor Bauer on Starting 9 to talk about the Astros scandal

Love you all and drink responsibly this weekend.

Dana B