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Kevin Kisner (5-iron only) vs Riggs at Palmetto Golf Club, 15th Hole (Aiken, SC)

Last year Kevin Kisner (30th-ranked player in the world) said he thinks he could beat Riggs from Barstool (not 30th-ranked player in the world) with just a 5-iron. One club Kiz vs fourteen club Riggs. Well we were in town for his foundation event last fall so we did a little preview. Couldn’t film a full 5-iron match with everything going on and Kiz entertaining folks for the weekend, so we filmed one hole, the 15th at Palmetto Golf Club, his home track.

This should give you some insight into how this match will go.

Kiz is the man, obviously, and he and his wife Brittany — along with many others — do amazing work with the Kevin & Brittany Kisner Foundation helping out kids.

CLICK HERE to donate some money and help out too.