ATI Top 10: #2 Abella Danger Returns To Answer The Internet


Abella Danger ATI Part 1 -

Who would have thought that Abella Danger's videos of her having sex are the SECOND best type of internet videos she makes? Back once again to Answer The Internet as the Undisputed Queen of ATI. Her original episode approaching 5 million views, she far and away the most viewed contestant from the first two seasons of this serious. 1 of only 5 members of the Million Views Club, but shes comfortably sitting atop the list in the number 1 slot with over double the next closest performance. She fakes orgasms, she does cheerleader toe touches, she fucks you up with some truth, and she has some truly genuinely interesting answers to the weirdest hypotheticals from the Internet. Welcome back Abella Danger...hopefully to be the first ever 2 time member of the Million Views Club.

Answer The Internet

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