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Full Details For The 2020 Barstool Sports Pond Hockey Tournament Are Here

Some pretty major news broke on Spittin' Chiclets last week, we are venturing into Pond Hockey Tournaments and launching the first two Barstool Sports Pond Hockey Tournament in February. This has been in the works for a little while now and we have a bunch of people working on this behind the scenes who know what they are doing. In regards to the two locations, they were picked for a reason. Lake Winni is an unreal spot to host a pond hockey tournament. The community embraces it with open arms and with a few local colleges in the area, we expect there to be a huge showing. Plus, New England is stoolie country, so we know the stoolies will be well represented. Lake Muskoka in Ontario is UNREAL. You'll be able to skate from the hotel right to the bar/rinks. If you could imagine a pond hockey paradise, we are creating that in Lake Muskoka. The details to the tournament are below and more information will be released as we get closer to the Dec 16th registration date.
Lake Winnipesaukee 
Meredith, New Hampshire
Friday, Feb 21st Welcome Party
Saturday, Feb 22nd Tournament
Lake Muskoka
Gravenhurst, Ontario (Canada)
Friday, Feb 28th Welcome Party
Saturday, Feb 29th Tournament (Same format as New Hampshire)

- 4 v 4 play, 4 divisions, 8 teams per division, 8 players per team.
- Teams are guaranteed 3 games during pool play and top 4 teams will make playoffs.
- Four skill levels: A, B, C & D (all are co-ed)
- We have awesome custom jerseys being made (team captains will need to submit their teammates jersey size and numbers)
- Teams will also have the option of submitting a short video of why their team should be selected. Try to capture how electric you and your team would be if selected. (video does not increase chances)
- Registration is first come, first served.
- We will have live music at both events.

Oh ya, lets not forget about the insane trophy we have for the winners. I don't want to give too much away about the trophy, I think a reveal would do it more justice. But lets just say this, it's going to be gorgeous and exactly what you want to win when you win a pond hockey tournament with your buddies.
Details will soon be released on how to submit your team.