Do I Have To Fight The RnR Heavyweight Winner In Order To Get A Damn Title Belt? This Is Bullshit!

First off let me be clear, I am not and will NEVER be facing Jeans Turman or Khaos in the ring. That’s what we call a tease in the business but don’t hold it against me, they ain’t even in my weight class. Also they’re knockout psychopaths. But I really would do just about anything to get my hands on a RnR belt and deservingly so. Look at that goddamn shine!

When I beatdown Matt Brown at the Super Brawl at the time I was just happy to get that free hot dog. But now what the fuck I want my damn title belt! By any means necessary! Other than fighting again. I mean just look at these crazy bastards I’d have to go up against

If any of you 3000 sold out attendees get a chance please swipe me one of those belts. Gonna be an absolute madhouse in that arena on Friday should be easy to pull off. Thanks in advance ya rats and everyone else go buy the RnR 10 PPV tell em Dr. Rat sent ya

RNR 10

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