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Stool Scenes 235.5 - Brandon Walker vs. Dave Portnoy

-Everybody knows about Brandon Walker and Dave Portnoy’s ongoing feud during the College Football Show. If you don’t, I can sum it up for you: they fuckin argue a lot. Well this weekend, Brandon’s manhood was on the line in the Baylor/Oklahoma and Auburn/Georgia games. Both of Brandon’s predictions were correct, so naturally there was some shit talk. But Brandon made the one mistake you can’t do when trying to one up Dave Portnoy at this company: provide Dave with an alley for a spinzone. I’m a DP guy for life, so I’m on his side. Oklahoma may have won, but you lost Titty Boy Brandon Walker

-Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley visits the office, and the Harry Potter nerds were up in arms. People forget Harry Potter’s parents just stuck him and his bedroom under a fucking staircase. Pretty ruthless

-We have another look behind the tik tok. Marty and Coley make their own rendition of what is essentially just a waterboarding of Marty. Their next tik tok should be fixing Marty’s hairline because buddy…. is that thing tough to look at

-Apparently there is some new trend on the internet involving chairs and walls and things of that nature. Some of our Barstool bloggers take their tries at the challenge, AND YOU WOULD BE AMAZED AT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

-We are building a gambling cave because we gamble at this company and Dave does not agree with All Business Peter about the structure of said cave. Do something right one time for me Pete you big stiff

Love you all,

Dana B