The Goddamn Jets Season 3 Episode 17 - The Quincy Enunwa Fine Debacle

Quincy Enunwa is out for the season on IR, and may never play again after suffering his 2nd major neck injury. He missed a treatment session on Monday, the Jets fined him a maximum amount of $27,500, and Quincy took to Twitter to air out his frustrations with the team. Keeping with the running theme of the 2019 Jets…Everyone Is An Asshole. Was it irresponsible of Quincy to miss treatment and not tell the team? Yup. Was it selfish and detrimental and stupid to make this matter public? Also yup. Do the Jets look like ASSHOLES for kicking a guy while he’s down and fining him 30 grand when he’s already on IR?? They sure do. And spare me the nonsense about Adam freaking Gase trying to change the culture and making players accountable. All he’s doing is driving a wedge between players and management with this petty bullshit and these punitive fines. From Osemele to Adams to Enunwa…in every instance both the players and the team look like idiots. And the biggest idiots of all? The Fans. Because we keep coming back for more of #TheGoddamnJets

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