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The Premiere Of Debate The Internet...Breaking Down The Best and Toughest Questions From ATI

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Some new spin off content from the Answer The Internet brand. “Debate The Internet” where John and I take some of the hardest, weirdest, most thought provoking, most terrifying questions from ATI and break em down. The pros and cons, the rights and wrongs, the details and intricacies, the angles you may not have thought of etc etc. Today we start off with a doozy. Would you rather your Mom or your sister be a porn star? This is an absolute NO BRAINER if you got a kid. I suppose if you’re not a parent yet, its a no brainer in the other direction? I dunno though. I think you can still imagine how absolutely atrocious it would be as a father even if you havent had a daughter yet. Decide for yourself, and then give it a watch. See if you change your mind.

PS – Shout out to all our porn star friends, I’m not talking about you when I do this video. I’m talking about like, German Goo Girls and those shitty porn stars who’s lives suck.