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Stool Scenes 234.5 - Chaps Get Waxed And Barstool's Newest Hire Trysta Krick

-Big time huge time photoshoot in the office. Be prepared to see every single Barstool employee post an Instagram of themselves in front of a white screen except Brandon Walker who will probably post a photo of his puppies/himself with a celebrity and his own head not showing in the photograph

-We welcome our newest employee Trysta Krick to Barstool, who somehow interviewed Leveon Bell on her second day of work. Jeez Trysta. Tryhard city

-We have some potentially NSFW scenes as Chaps gets waxed as fuck live on air because why the shit not

-Dave and Blind Mike get into it on air and by that I mean Blind Mike got destroyed on air and Kirk Minihane calls in to speak on the matter

-Speaking of Kirk Minihane, the Minifans held a wedding for fellow Minifans? I don't fuckin know honestly, but they're a passionate group I'll give them that

-Barstool Breakfast chops it up with Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran

-Smitty being Smitty on Gametime. I dunno, just watch it for yourself and laugh at General Blockhead because I know I did

Love, Dana B