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The Goddamn Jets, Season 3, Episode 15 feat. Frank The Tank

I tried to go onto this game with some optimism. I heard all the optimistic Jets fans in my ear “why are you always so negative?” “Why don’t you actually ROOT for them for once?” Blah blah blah. I was thinking to myself “if Sam Darnold cant handle the Dolphins we are in big, big trouble.” But I didn’t say anything because I gave them the benefit of the doubt with an 0-7 opponent. 

Nope. Never again. This is why I never have confidence and I never assume ANYTHING with the Jets. Because they are a disaster franchise no matter who is on the sidelines or under center. We’ll still forever be The Goddamn Jets. Flipping interceptions at the goal line and taking safeties and letting Ryan “did you know he’s the only QB in history to do every football related task for like 60 different teams?” Fitzpatrick fucking carve us up. 

The lesson here is a) Sam Darnold has a long way to go to get there, if he ever does at all, and b) never underestimate Adam Gase’s ability to lose football games. Ever. EVER. Even if it’s against a team who is quite literally trying to not win each and every week. It’s astounding. Gonna be hilarious when we look back and think about how we passed on a Super Bowl Champion coach for this weasel.

PS - ALL STAR performance from Tank today. The paper airplane bit. The cackle. The songs. Tank got his revenge on Gase and tap danced on every Jets fan grave today