ATI Top 10: #3 Season 2 Premiere of Answer The Internet featuring....BILL BURR


After a brief hiatus, we're back. We took a couple months off to get all our ducks in a row for the release of the Answer The Internet card game, and we took our time stock piling some of the best guests this series has ever seen. Season 1 featured 60 episodes of some of the funniest comedians and biggest celebrities in the game...Season 2 we're coming in hot with even more guests on an even larger level.

I'll be honest, I was unsure about Bill Burr and ATI. Bill is one of the most blunt, to the point guys Ive ever met. I wasnt sure if he was gonna be down with the idea of preposterous hypotheticals. Wild scenarios and far fetched circumstances. Playing along is half the battle with ATI. But once Bill started cookin I felt silly for ever even worrying. He's the funniest goddam guy on the planet earth. Doesnt matter what the questions are or how they are delivered, you can always count on Bill Burr being the funniest motherfucker you've ever come across.

And now, if you want to play along yourself, you can. We put all the comics and actors and singers and internet personalities to the test, now we're putting you to the test. Answer the Internet The Card Game is here. Available on Barstool, Amazon and Walmart. Get yours now, here:

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