Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 35 - My War Against Family Feud

-One of the biggest deterrents to going out is the thought of standing up. Sometimes I’ll debate to myself “Hmm should I go out tonight?” But then I think of all the standing up I’d have to do at the bar and I decide it’s just not worth it.

-I get annoyed when a waiter or waitress doesn’t write the table’s orders down and just memorizes them. You’re not impressing anyone. You’re just annoying me. I get nervous that you’re going to mess up my order and feel hesitant to change anything up. Just write it down, hot shot.

-When someone says to me, ”Can I ask you a favor?” I always say yes. Anyone can ask me a favor. Whether I do the favor or not is an entirely different story.

-If you’re changing your profile picture on social media and the new one includes your friend, do you need their permission? I think you do. People will be seeing that picture a lot, and I think it’s fair to make sure everyone involved is pleased with it.

-I am waging war against Family Feud surveys. There’s just no way they actually survey 100 Americans every show and use their honest answers. I’ve never heard one person say there were on a Family Feud survey. If you knew it was a Family Feud survey, you’d try to stick out so you can watch the show and be like “Hey that was my answer.” Phone interviews from random polling companies? Nobody does phone surveys in the year of our Lord 2019. And after a few questions that say something like “Name a circus performer who might die if they sneeze in the middle of their act” I think some alarms would go off and you’d think “well this sure sounds a fucking lot like a Family Feud survey.” Something is off and I will get to the bottom of it.

-A silent radio show would be a lot harder to consume than a silent film.

-When I go into a store and ask where something is, I’m always impressed when an employee has all the aisles memorized. Sometimes I’ll do it just to test them, and they always nail it. It’s honestly quite amazing.

-Post Malone is his own genre of music

-A peak behind the Thursday Thoughts curtain: I usually like to wear a nice shirt when recording these videos as I know they will be seen by many people. The problem is I have basically now used all my nice shirts in these and have to start repeating them. Do I buy more nice shirts? Do I start wearing weird, quirky ones? Or do I just keep repeating? Pretty big dilemma.

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-Why do baby clothes have pockets? What are they going to put in there? It’s not like they have phones, keys, or wallets.

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