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Barstool Outdoors Episode 7 - And That's Nantucket Fishin

If you've been a Barstool fan for any time at all, you probably know Nantucket from Dave's videos like Nantucket Livin, Golden Hour, or really anything he does from June to August. What you might not know is that this absolutely gorgeous island is actually a great place to fish if you can still see after Gaz sprayed champagne in your bare eyeball while standing on the bar at Straight Wharf.

I'd met Elliot Sudal on the internet and seen his pictures and videos catching sharks off the shores of ACK, but it was time to go see it in real life. We drove from New York on a Friday night and took the first ferry on Saturday morning from Hyannis. As soon as we got off the ferry I got a call from Elliot saying to get to the beach A$AP. As we arrived he was midway through bringing in a good sized Dusky Shark. From there the action continued at a frantic pace the rest of the weekend.

The waters around Nantucket are much clearer and warmer than I expected, at least in the summer months. In between Nantucket and Tuckernuck looks like the Caribbean. There are GIANT stingrays, sharks, and tons of bait everywhere in the shallows there. I was so surprised and felt like I was patrolling the flats of the Florida Keys.

The section of this episode where we used the drone to help find casting targets was an absolutely unreal way to operate. It was legitimately like a video game and then when I would come out from under the sweatshirt and look at the water there would just be sharks magically right there. Very mind bending and very effective.

Seeing this Great White in Chatham off of the drone was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Even though looking at it through an iPad screen isn't technically that different than watching one on TV, the fact that it was RIGHT THERE and "live" was such an incredible thing to experience.

Its absurd how close to the shore these things are. I've seen a ton of videos from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, but seeing how prevalent they are in real life really makes it hit home. Massachusetts is one of the Sharkiest places there is and I can't wait to go back.