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A Little T and A To Go With The Final B and E

This is the final episode for Season 1 of Beatz N Eats.

I appreciate all the feedback… Both good and bad… And looking forward to improving upon the show next year.

I understand the promotion machine within Barstool can get overwhelming at times, but the people involved with all the new long-form content (College Football Show, Advisors, Big Brain, Outdoors, etc) are/were excited to get as many eyes on it as possible so we push the shit out of it as best as we could.

A Clockwork Orange - 1971

I like posting cheesecake and my file at home is getting a tad backed up, so as the title stated above- Here’s a little T&A to go alongside the last serving of B&E.

There is no rhyme or reason here… Just a blatant “smokeshow-esque” pic-dump that makes me happy…




And the big ending…

Thanks again for watching, and take a report.